Nothing beats a freshly handmade bread with your morning coffee or tea.Have fun being an artisan yourself, crafting and baking sweet smelling bread from scratch! Share the happiness with your friends and family by presenting your own creations!

Bread course is targeted for members who are 9 years old and above.
The basic course has a total of 24 lessons, which you will be taking in sequential order, at your own pace.
By taking this popular course, you will learn how to make delicious breads all within 2 hours.
Members can register for the Master Course after completing all 24 lessons of Basic Course.
Members will receive Certificate of Achievement upon successfully completing Basic and Master course.

You have the flexibility to customize your own timetable and lesson plan within the validity period.
Select the number of lessons which best suit your schedules and lifestyle.


You will be able to learn the key basic techniques and knowledge of bread making.
2 hours is all you need to learn how to bake a fresh bread from scratch.
We offer 8 different variations of bread every month, which you can choose according to your taste.
Difficulty level indicated by the star marks are for reference only. Practical techniques can be learned regardless of your current experience or skill levels.

* Menu and ingredients may vary
* Product size may vary


Corn Cheese

(4 pieces)

Curry Cheese Onion

(4 pieces)​

Apple Berry Nuts

(2 pieces)​

Honey Cinnamon

(1 loaf)

Mustard Vienna Sausage

(4 pieces)

Earl Grey and Orange

(4 pieces)

Camembert Noix

(4 pieces)

Orange Custard

(4 pieces)


Cheese Sticks

(3 sticks)

Olive Salt

(4 pieces)

Tomato Twist

(6 sticks)

Bacon Roll

(3 pieces)

Berry & Berry

(3 pieces)

Blueberry & Raisin

(3 pieces)

Lemon Tea Custard

(1 whole)

Fig bread

(5 pieces)


Marron Crown

(1 whole)

Half and Half Pizza

(25 cm, 1 whole)

Wiener Brunch

(4 pieces)

Strawberry Almond Cream

(8 pieces)

Cream Bun

(5 pieces)


(1 loaf)

Nuts and coffee Loaf

(1 loaf)

Cranberry Cheese

(4 pieces)


Using the techniques and knowledge attained from the basic class, you will learn new crafting methods.
Through the 12-lesson period, you will learn and experience how and when to use different types of yeast and flour.



(2 rolls)

Dutch Bread

(6 pieces)


Fruit Danish

(3 types, 14 pieces)

Croissant & Chocolate Croissant

(2 types, 6 pieces)


Melon Pan & Maccha

(2 types, 4 pieces)

Ciabatta ~Tomato & Olive~

(18cm, 3 pieces)


Bagel ~Plain & Blueberries~

(2 types, 4 pieces)

Anpan & Chestnut Anpan

(2 types, 6 pieces)


Curry-pan & Doughnut

Contains beef
(2 types, 6 pieces)

Plain Loaf

(1 loaf)


Kuoglof & Pain d’Epices

(2 types, 18cm / 10cm x 4.5cm x 5cm)


(6 pieces)

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* Menu, ingredients, and lesson time may vary.