Kids Course is designed to teach children basics of cooking; at the same time they will learn the relationships between food and science. Kids can develop healthy daily eating habits and learn culinary basic skills in a fun and happy atmosphere.

Menu changes every month, and member can finish 6 menus within 12 months.
You have the flexibility to customize your own timetable and lesson plan within the validity period.

This course is designed for kids age 4 to 8 years old only. Parents, guardians and family members can relax in the dining room while watching our little chefs cooking; or better yet, join the other lessons conducted at the nearby tables.

Kids Menu

* Menu and ingredients may vary.


Pork Steak with Pineapple

Double Corn Pizza


Orange Roll Cake

Turtle Mayonnaise Bread


Healthy Cheese Banana Parfait

Bear Hamburger Bowl


Banana Chiffon Cake

Piyo Piyo Bread


Creamy Egg Oyakodon

Smiley Cream Cheese Hot Cake


Hearty Tomato Spaghetti

Piggy Pizza

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