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We are looking for motivated and passionate staff to join our team in Thailand.


At ABC Cooking Studio, we strive to see life more interesting and joyful. Our mission is “Bring Smiles to Dining Tables All Around the World” for the future, inviting the world to join us on our journey as we continuously develop innovations focused on healthy lifestyle, improving quality of life and efficiency around the world. We believe in our strategy — and we’d like you to be part of it. As a global leader, ABC Cooking Studio can bring together the best in PEOPLE to help solve one of the world’s toughest challenges and shape a new age of “Food + Life”. Something extraordinary happens when we bring together PEOPLE who are committed to making a difference – We do!

Who Are We

ABC Cooking Studio originated from Japan since 1985. With over 150 studios across Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, New York… we are one of the global leader of casual cooking school which is focused on delivering the joys of handmade food. We help more and more people eat healthy, cook better, share happy moments with loved ones, meet new friends, find new hobbies and discover a new self. In the ever-changing world, we help enrich the lives of people through food and cooking.

How We Differ

Our company boasts PEOPLE from many backgrounds – from design, fashion, architecture, engineering and even finance with bilingual and trilingual staffs and members at the international stage. Our different backgrounds make us unique and strong – we are empowered by this diversity as it gives depth and new perspectives that generate innovative ideas to grow PEOPLE.

Why Choose Us

We help PEOPLE improve “Skills” and “Knowledge”. Instead of hunkering down in your current state, we have “Training Program” and “Career Path” to grow you along with the company. We develop trust in PEOPLE to form a strong team-work. In a speedy business expanding environment, we connect our PEOPLE with worldwide studios and cultivate talented leaders through overseas training and experiences.

ABC Cooking Studio is recruiting for the following positions:

What Will You Be Doing?

  • Learn the required skills of cooking and baking including knowledge of food, hygiene and ingredients handling.
  • Transform your knowledge and skills to students with world class services.
  • Deliver quality lessons professionally and with good manners.
  • Teaching lessons by demonstrating your experiences and keep students motivated during the lessons.
  • Help students choose their perfect and ideal cooking/baking lessons plan.
  • While not doing lessons, proactively attend to the passer-by customers while watching the front desk, and take care of the equipments and kitchen tools used during your lessons.

What You Need to Excel

  • Customer Service : Studio Consultants are expected to conduct and sell the services offered by the studio to the people who visit the studio, enticing them to join the lessons to get the skills they wanted, pursue a new hobby, eat healthy and improve their quality of life.
  • Listening : Studio Consultants need to listen to their client’s needs, concerns and goals.
  • Motivational Skills : Acquiring new skills can be tough for people, and they may get discouraged easily. Studio Consultants need to motivate them to keep going to make the changes they need in their life, and make them feel positive and proud of themselves.
  • Speaking Skills : Studio Consultants need to explain how to bake a delicious and healthy cake or bread as well as cooking in a positive, clear, motivating and encouraging way. Whether it is participating in classes or showing the demonstration to an individual, it is very important to be patient and professional.
  • Initiative : Ability to work in a team to achieve individual and overall organisation’s goal.
  • Leadership : Ability to influence others in a positive and motivating way to resolve problems, and think creatively with foresee-ability.

What We Offer You

You will get the opportunity to improve Skills, Experiences and Knowledge regularly. We have “Local & Overseas Training Program” and clear “Career Path” to grow our employees to become worldwide leaders who excel in management & services area as well as cultivate entrepreneurship spirit in these five elements

  • Growth Potential
  • Ambition
  • Compatibility
  • Foresee-Ability
  • Leadership.

Job Description

  • Have a complete understanding of the company’s business model, corporate branding and studio operations.
  • Develop media relations strategy, seeking high level placements in print, broadcast and online media to increase the company’s profile.
  • Creates PR programs that positively and closely position with marketing campaigns, using communications and practices to reinforce the company’s direction and message.
  • Manage media inquiries and interview requests.
  • Create contents or press releases, articles and keynote presentations.
  • Monitor, analyze and communicates PR results to senior management.
  • Maintain keen understanding of industry trends affecting customers, and make recommendations regarding communication strategy surrounding them.
  • Perform management ad-hoc works in business expansion and operations related to relationship-building with other industries.
  • Conduct other duties such as translation or sales promotions which may be assigned from time to time.


  • Professional appearance.
  • Solid communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Ability to be resourceful and proactive in dealing with issues that may arise.
  • Ability to organize, multitask, prioritize, work in a team and under pressure.
  • Able to work on weekends when the need arise.

Job Description

  • Responsible for assisting instructors to pack ingredients.
  • Handle ingredients division and storage of the products received from suppliers.
  • Responsible in stock checking and stock level monitoring.
  • Ensure ingredients are packed according to the requirements and be consistent in the presentations.
  • Assist in maintaining overall studio hygiene and cleanliness including the dining area.
  • Support other related daily studio operations.
  • Support staffs during events like booth, special functions and etc.


  • Able to differentiate ingredients used in baking or cooking.
  • Able to be resourceful and proactive in dealing with issues that may arise.
  • Able to organize, multitask and work in a team.

Job Description

  • Deliver high quality regular lessons with patience, professional and with good manners.
  • Take initiative to communicate with customers during the lessons in positive and encouraging way.
  • Punctual to prepare ingredients well before starting the lessons.
  • Cleaning of equipments & kitchen tools after being used.
  • Attend training which has been assigned.
  • Conducting 1 Day lessons and taking part in Events when required.
  • Feedback to duty managers whenever receiving comments from customers.


  • Professional appearance.
  • Solid communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Ability to be resourceful and proactive when dealing with issues that may arise.
  • Ability to organize, multitask, prioritize, work in a team and under pressure.
  • Able to provide high standards of customer service and perform customer retention duties.
  • Able to work on weekends.
  • Background or previous experience in culinary profession or casual baking/cooking is most welcome.

Job Description

  • Plan, develop, test and deploy robust customer-facing web applications.
  • Analyze user requirements and translate them into clean, working code.
  • Create tools or automate tasks to analyze trends and statistics.
  • Create documentations and provide training to internal users about system functionalities.
  • Troubleshoot issues and enhance the systems to improve usability and productivity.
  • Coordinates the resolution of all IT-related inquiries in a timely manner.
  • Effectively communicates relevant IT-related information to superiors and peers in other practices.
  • Identify the need for change and creatively think of ways to innovate.
  • Builds internal knowledge and conveys them to other team members.
  • Design and implement policies and guidelines based on industry’s best practices.


  • 3 years of SQL and database management, programming experience in Java and/or PHP and Javascript.
  • Understanding about system architecture and frameworks, familiarity with revision control systems, continuous integration and cloud infrastructure will add to your advantage.
  • Good communication skills in English. Chinese/Japanese language is advantageous but not mandatory.

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We look forward to welcome you into our family of ABC Cooking Studio Thailand!

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