Bake up something for every occasion. Handmade cake makes a perfect gift for your friends and beloved ones. Let’s learn something new about cake baking in a happy, convenient setting!

Cake course is targeted for members who are 9 years old and above.
All members must start from the Basic Course, which you can take in sequential order, at your own pace.
Members can register for the Master Course after completing all 18 lessons of Basic Course.
Members will receive Certificate of Achievement upon successfully completing Basic and Master course.

You have the flexibility to customize your own timetable and lesson plan within the validity period.
Select the number of lessons which best suit your schedules and lifestyle.


The basic lessons involve learning 18 cakes in 6 main categories within 2 hours per lesson.
We offer 6 variations of cakes that changes every month, so you will be able to master up to 6 different basic techniques each month.
Difficulty level indicated by the star marks are for reference only. Practical techniques can be learned regardless of your current experience or skill levels.

* Menu, ingredients, cake size and lesson time may vary.
Shows the difficulty level of baking.


Tartelettes au Citron

(7 cm, 5 pieces)

Earl grey Chiffon Cake with Caramel Sauce

(17 cm, 1 whole)

Mousse au Chocolat et aux noix

(15 cm, 1 whole)

Roulé thé Vert

(7 cm, 3 rolls)

Double Cheese Cake

(15 cm, 1 whole)


(6 pieces)


Chocolat a la mode

(3 kinds, 15 pieces)


Baked Cheese Tart

(15 cm, 1 whole)

Gateau Framboise

(12 cm, 1 whole)

Gateau Weekend Citron

(10 cm, 3 pieces)

Cassis Chocolat au Lait

(6 cm, 5 pieces)

Premium Roll Cake

(18 cm, 1 roll)


Mont Blanc Cake

(20x7 cm, 1 whole)

Galettes Bretonnes, Sable & Financier

(8 pieces, 6 pieces and 6pieces)


(15 cm, 1 whole)

Tartelette au Thé

(5 pieces)


Délice aux Pêches

(15 cm, 1 whole)

Mille Crêpe

(18 cm, 1 whole)


Tie all the knowledge picked up from the basic lessons, attain new skills and knowledge.
Aim to increase your repertoire.



(12x8 cm, 2 pieces)

San Sebastián

(6 pieces)


Tarte Dacquoise

(3 types, 14 pieces)

Coffret Chocolat

(1 bag, 4 pieces, 8 pieces)


Choux à la crème & Éclair

(12cm, 8 pieces)

Mousse au te et au citron

(1 cake, 15cm)


Charlotte au Poire

(1 cake, 15cm)

Fromage au Sakura

(1 cake, 16cm)


Mousse au Caramel

(5 cakes, 7cm)

Macaron&Decoration Macaron

(1 cake, 12cm x 17cm)


Rouge Blanc / Half-Round Loaf Pan

(1 cake, 15cm)

Tarte au Fruit Frais / tart mold

(6 pieces)



Tart aux Pommes

(16 cm, 1 whole)

Raspberry Mille Crèpe

(18 cm, 1 whole)

Carrès au Chocolat

(18 cm, 1 piece)

Gàteau Blanc

(12 cm, 1 whole)

Mango Yogurt Mousse

(6 cm, 5 pieces)

Florentine and Coffee Florentine

(6 pieces each)


Orange Chiffon & Creamy Caramel Custard​

(17 cm, 1 whole / 3 cups)

~The Color Spring~ Rare Cheesecake

(3 pieces)

Sweet Potato Mont Blanc Tart

(16 cm, 1 whole)

Petit Four Sec ~3 Type of Pie~

(6 pieces / 8 sticks / 1 box)

Mousse au Chocolat

(7 cm, 5 pieces)

Pear and Apricot Roll Cake

(18 cm, 1 piece)


Choux Cream

(7 cm, 6 pieces)

Tartele au Chocolat

(7 pieces, 5 pieces)

Strawberry Shortcake

(15 cm, 1 whole)

Petit Four Sec ~Cookies & Madeleines~

(40 pieces / 15 pieces)

Mousse aux Fruit Rouge

(5 cm, 6 pieces)

Cake aux Fruit & Chocolate Ball

(22 cm, 6 pieces)

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