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September, 2022

This agreement outlines the important items we would like you to understand when attending “ABC Cooking Studio.” Please read thoroughly and understand all the items outlined below prior to signing of contract.

1. Definitions

In this agreement, the specific terms are defined as below: 

1.1 ABC Cooking Studio Thailand Limited is hereinafter referred to as “Company”.

1.2 Cooking school conducted under Company’s management is hereinafter referred to as “ABC Cooking Studio”.

1.3 Any individual who enrols in ABC Cooking Studio under these terms of agreement are hereinafter referred to as “Member”. 

1.4 Cooking Course, Bread Course, Cake Course, and any other courses conducted in a series are hereinafter referred to as “Regular Course” and “Course”.

1.5 Any individual cooking school operates by ABC Cooking Studio is hereinafter referred to as “Studio”.

1.6 The website operates by the Company [including the members-only site that would require logging in from homepage] is hereinafter referred to as “Company’s website”. URLhttp://abc-cooking.co.th/

2. Enrolment and Contract

2.1 Enrolment refers to the acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined herein, and applying for the ABC Cooking Studio membership, while Contract refers to the applications into ABC Cooking Studio’s courses.

2.2 An individual applying for ABC Cooking Studio’s courses must be at least 12 years old for cooking course, 10 years old for cake, bread, Wagashi and 4-9 years old for kid course. (9 years 1 day is considered to be able to join cake and bread course)

2.3 In case of extra courses such as limited-time courses, etc. there may be different conditions for the applicants such as age or gender, as determined by the Company. 

2.4 For membership applications, one must follow a set of procedures. ※For payment, please choose credit card, cash payment or transfer to company’s account. In case of credit card or cash payment, one shall pay at the store or deposit into the company’s designated bank account [If there are any transaction fee, it shall be paid by the customer.] In case of transfer, it shall be paid in full with bill payments through specified channels’ studio.  

2.5 Any application data provided along with the member’s own signature [including information and handwritten signatures in documents or online or electronic] shall be deemed as declaration solely by no one else but the member him/herself. 

2.6 In the case one chooses to use a credit card; the process will be based on each credit card company’s terms of use. Please contact the credit card company directly if you wish to change the payment method.

2.7 To register for membership, there is fee of THB 2,500. (One time only)

2,500 THB will be charged as the registration fee. Additional membership fee is not required to enrol in additional or different courses. 

2.8 Any campaign discounts, corporate discounts and other type of discounts should be applied at the time of preparation of contract. We will not accept any claims after you have signed the contract. For details of campaigns and corporate discounts, please check the relevant information at the Studio.

3. Handling of Personal Information

For the handling of members’ personal information by the Company, it shall be in accordance with the policy titled “Policy Regarding the Handling of Personal Information” set forth separately.

4. ABC Cooking Studio Membership Card

4.1 Membership card shall be issued one per member. Please sign the member’s full name on the back of the card as soon as possible after you have received the card.

4.2 A 10-digit membership ID number on the card is required to book/attend lessons, to update application details and to make any inquiries.

4.3 Membership card and membership benefits cannot be lent / transferred to others under any circumstances.

4.4 In case of loss or theft of your membership card, please apply for replacement at Studio. A handling fee of 200 THB will be charged for the card replacement.

5. Course Rules

5.1 All the course details such as its content, price, and expiration date, etc. would be published through company’s media, either company’s website or announced posters at studio or brochures or Email or online media and company’s others channels.

5.2 The lesson timetable of each course varies for each Studio. As the time slots may change from time to time, please contact the Studio directly or company website (No.1.6) to check and confirm the latest timetable. 

5.3 Studio close dates differ for each studio. Please confirm with each studio directly in advance. 

5.4 Some of the service contents may differ for each studio. Please contact each studio for further details.

5.5 Each course has a pre-determined “Expiration Date”, and each member is responsible for keeping track of it. The expiration date of courses will be finished when:

1) According to courses’ specified expiration date.

2) Member finished courses.

Even just one day after the expiration date, the course will be deemed expired and all rights associated with the course will no longer be valid. Member will not be allowed to attend any lesson or to receive the associated services (will receive only recipe sheet) of the expired courses, the cancelled courses or refunded contract. 

5.6 In case cancellation class without advanced inform or late beyond the time period allowed by the company, or upon cancellation or absence of lesson as well as leaving midway during lesson that is considered as absence. That class will be deemed to use and member will not be allowed to attend those lessons or to receive the associated services (will receive only recipe sheet) of the expired courses, the cancelled courses or refunded contract.

6. Validity extension rule

6.1 Learners or company specified group are allowed to extend the expiration date for two years by contacting the studio, in order to ask for extension application with necessary documents are needed such as medical related documents; childbirth; education certificate or immigration, etc.

Type of learners or company specified group as below: 

  1. Those who are pregnant
  2. Those who have given birth within one year
  3. Those who need to go abroad or upcountry by temporarily emigration for education or working.  

6.2 Those who do not fulfil the criteria as stated in (6.1) and need to extend courses’ expiration date, shall contact studio to extend courses’ expiration date with processing fee by specified company.

6.3 Application for extension of courses’ expiration date, in every case need to be submitted and enforced 15 days before, and before the primary expiration date. 

7. Start on 1st September 2022, The course cancellation is not allowed in any case.

8. Rules of reservation; cancellation; postponement of study time

8.1 Every lesson requires a reservation.

Non-members cannot reserve; cancel or postpone study time on behalf of members.

8.2 Class reservation are accepted via phone call or online booking system or touch panel booking machines at the Studio at least 1 day in advance before 17:00.

8.3 When making reservations by phone, please call directly to the Studio during business hours. (Please contact the Studio for details of business hours.) When making reservations via phone, it is highly recommended to double confirm the reservation status on the online booking system. Members shall be responsible for managing their reservation. The Company shall not be responsible for proactively confirming the status of each individual reservation.

8.4 Cancellation of reserved class are accepted via phone call or online booking system or touch panel booking machines at the Studio at least 1 day in advance before noon (12:00).

※ Cancellation Penalty will be incurred in accordance with the provisions of Clause (5.6) in case of late cancellation

8.5 Postpone reserved class time will be enforced to cancel class by (8.4) and make a new reservation as (8.2)

9. (Lesson Attendance Rules)

9.1 If you have long hair, please tie up your hair due to hygiene reasons. Please be sure to remove any accessories around your hands such as ring/watch/bracelet, etc. In addition, anyone with long nails or with manicure should wear gloves while taking lesson.

9.2 Coming late to lesson will cause annoyance to other members, so please arrive at the Studio on time. Tardiness of more than 10 minutes in any case the lesson is considered as cancelled. You will not be able to attend the lesson.

※Cancellation Penalty will be incurred in accordance with the provisions of Clause (5.6) in case of tardiness / absence.

※Even in the case of natural disasters, accidents, illnesses, injuries, family events, train delay, etc., cancellation penalty will be enforced as (5.6) (unless Company has announced that Cancellation Penalty due to extreme weather, building or school closed announcement, announcement from the government or relevant agencies will be exempt. ) 

9.3 When leaving in the middle of lesson (including illnesses, etc.), Studio will determine it as either an absence or a completion of a lesson. If it is deemed as an absence, cancellation penalty will be enforced in accordance with the provisions of Clause (5.6).

9.4 Non-members cannot attend class on behalf of members. Company reserved the rights to cancel the contract and not giving the fee refund if the rules are being violated.

9.5 Members can request for menu recipe which one missed out to attend the classes within 3 months from absent date. By receiving at the branch of studio where customers are missing the class.

9.6 The prohibited activities in Studio and during lessons are as follows:

(1) Have companion(s) that are not members at the lesson space.

(2) Private exchanges between a member and the company staff.

(3) Photography is not allowed or copy the original recipe of studio, no matter whatever purpose.

(4) Camera is not allowed to take pictures or videos throughout the class.

(5) Successfully photos or videos are allowed only members for using in private, it is not allowed to be used for any other purpose. If you want to take pictures or works of other members, please ask for permission from that member. Any action that constitutes copyright infringement, is strictly forbidden. In addition, filming of any studio activities without permission is also prohibited.

(6) Non-smoking in studio.

(7) Engaging in other prohibited acts described in this agreement.

10. Restrictions regarding use of Original Recipe, Trademarks and Logos

The following acts are strictly prohibited under any and all circumstances.

(1) Using Original Recipe’s illustrations and designs, trademarks, logos ※Also applies to persons who have acquired the license to use for personal commercial purposes.

(2) Resale and transfer of the Original Recipe as well as any copyrighted items (both original and duplicates) that are available at ABC Cooking Studio (Includes re-sale of items on the Internet, such as Internet auctions).

(3) Publication of the Original Recipe that is intended for an unspecified number of people, such as distribution of the Original Recipe through the Internet.

(4) Personal use of ABC Cooking Studio’s logos, and other ABC Cooking Studio’s original designs (printed materials, homepage materials, etc.)

11. Others

【Restrictions in Studio 】

11.1 If member lost recipes or learning documents, there will be a processing fee for new set of recipe by specified company.

11.2 Any activity (solicitation and sales, etc.) that is not related to the Company is strictly prohibited under all circumstances.

11.3 Taking pictures or videos of the finished products is permitted only for the member’s own personal use only; other purposes are strictly prohibited. If you want to take a photo with your friend and your friend’s work, please proceed only when you have obtained your friend’s consent. Any act that is in infringement of copyrighted rights is strictly prohibited. In addition, the act of filming the activities of the Studio through the glass from outside without the Company’s permission shall also be prohibited at all times. 

【Other Restrictions】

11.4 The Company will not be held responsible for any accidents or troubles that may have happened on the way to the Studio. As for any minors in attendance, all responsibility shall be in the hands of their guardians.

11.5 The Company assumes that you have checked the menu list that is given to you in advance at your own responsibility. If there is any allergic reactions occurred, the Company will not be held responsible. 

11.6 If you have been diagnosed with infectious diseases by a doctor, or be informed of a symptom similar to an infectious disease, you must not attend the lesson regardless of the degree of the disease / symptoms you may have. Please cancel the reservation in advance. If you notice any symptoms of infection while at the Studio, please inform the studio staff as soon as possible. You may not continue with the lesson once this has been done so.

※Infectious diseases include measles, chicken pox, mumps, influenza, adenovirus infection, etc.

11.7 We cannot attend to every individual request resulting from personal situations (Including cases where the Company determines the request to be personal).

11.8 The contents of each course, price, lesson schedule, rules, etc. in every course that the Company offers as well as the services offered are subject to changed (including studio closures). In case that there are any changes, the Company assumes that you have be notified and are aware of all announcements in advance, shared in the following ways:

    ・Company’s website ・Studio’s notice posters ・Pamphlets ・E-mail ・Online media ・Other channels of the company・

11.9 There may be changes in all or certain part of this agreement when necessary.  In that case, the modified agreement shall be effective after 1 week from the posting date of such matter on the Company’s website.

11.10 Rules and regulations regarding other services that the Company offers (“Trial Lesson” held by ABC Cooking Studio and other events) shall be based on terms and rules that the Company separately determines, and the beneficiaries of such services are asked to follow those terms

12. Withdrawal obligation

Any act that violates or is prohibited in this agreement or those that are deemed to be in accordance with the acts outlined below, shall lead to immediate termination of membership.

(1) Violating the intellectual property rights, copyrights, trademark rights of third parties, or any act that could lead to infringement of such rights.

(2) Fraud, or any other illegal actions taken for gain or profit.

(3) Discrimination or slander of other members, the Company’s employees, and any related parties, or damages made to their credibility or reputation.

(4) Bothering other members, the Company’s employees, and related parties (including any acts of harassment), and other criminal acts.

(5) Advertisement of adult entertainment and related sales activities.

(6) Any form of speech, solicitation, activities (handing out pamphlets) based on a particular religion, creed or political party.

(7) Acts that may violate or breach laws.

(8) Company regulations in the contract.

(9) Acts which significantly deviates from the services offered by ABC Cooking Studio.

(10) Acts that may cause discomfort or may pose nuisance to other members.

(11) Consumption of excessive alcohol.

(12) Default on payment of more than 3 months

(13) Any other acts that the Company may judge as inappropriate under socially acceptable norms.


Effective as of June 1, 2018 

This agreement outlines the important points we would like you to understand when you purchase a retail item from ABC Cooking Studio.

1. By purchasing our items, you abide to agree with all our following Terms and Conditions.

2. All items for sale at ABC Cooking Studio Thailand are non-refundable nor exchangeable.

3. Items are of limited quantity and may not be restocked.

4. We do not accept pre-orders or do reservation for our items.

5. Food items imported have an average shelf life of about 90 days.

6. Once broken/damaged considered sold.

7. Please approach staff for assistance.

8. Certain items do not come with boxes or packaging.

9. We are not responsible for any damage caused by lack of care or misuse by consumers.

10. ABC COOKING STUDIO Thailand members MUST produce membership card upon checkout to enjoy members only discount.

11. Members are not allowed to share or buy items on behalf of non-member friends/family. Members only discount are exclusively for ABC Cooking Studio Thailand members. This is to ensure that our members get the most out of their journey with us.


Effective as of June 1, 2018 

This agreement outlines the important points we would like you to understand when you register or participate in an event held by ABC Cooking Studio.

1. ABC Cooking Studio reserves the right to hold an event for members only or to both members and non-members.

2. Successful online payment for an event confirms the registration. However, if an event allows phone-in registration, payment has to be made within 3 days from registration date in order to confirm the “seat”. Failure of payment after 3 days will automatically release the “seat” to others without prior notification.

3. Registered “seat” is not transferrable or refundable, under any circumstances.

4. Confirmation details will be sent to paid customers by email. If you do not receive any confirmation email within an hour, this means payment and registration is not successful. Do call the studio and notify us.

5. Customers will have to abide to each event’s own set of Terms and Conditions, if any.


Effective as of April 1, 2017 

This agreement outlines the important points we would like you to understand when you choose to terminate a contract with ABC Cooking Studio.

1. If member wish to cancel a purchased contract, member must fill up a “Termination of Contract” request form at the studio.

2. The date that our studio received your completed “Termination of Contract” request form will be considered the effective application date.

3. Termination of whole or part of some promotional or packaged courses is not allowed, regardless of the attendance progress. Such courses are usually specified during the course enrollment and member will need to acknowledge on the “Annex to Membership Terms and Conditions” Form.

4. Upon termination of contract, a handling fee of RM100 per course will be charged regardless of the frequency of attendance.

5. Upon termination of contract, a handling fee of RM100 per pre-test license will be charged. Termination of contract after the test is not allowed.

6. Refund of the remaining contract value will be made once after we reviewed the details of member’s contract and history of the lessons attended. The remaining contract value will be calculated by comparing the total number of lessons purchased and taken, then refund on a pro rata basis.

6.1 Termination before commencement of courses:
Refund amount = Paid contract amount – Termination handling fee

6.2 Termination during commencement of courses:
Refund amount = Paid contract amount – Actual amount of lessons taken – Termination handling fee
Actual amount of lessons taken is calculated by “Unit lesson amount x number of finished lessons”

7. Termination of contract will take 30 working days to process upon receiving your application

9. We are not responsible for any damage caused by lack of care or misuse by consumers.

8. Membership fee will be forfeited upon contract termination; however, recurring members will be exempted from payment of membership fees upon re-contracting with ABC Cooking Studio.